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Observer Corps

Local Government

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  • Board of Education

2016-2017 Local Program

Local Government:
      a. Study of County taxation and revenues, in light of the reduction in coal severance funds.
      b. Revive Observer Corps

      a. Action to promote orderly development in Monongalia County and monitor the work of the Monongalia County Planning Commission.
      b. Encourage adoption and implementation of a Comprehensive Plan for Monongalia County, including impact fees.

      a. Monitor and take action where needed with regard to improving traffic conditions, including pedestrian and cyclist safety.
      b. Monitor the implementation of the Complete Streets legislation so that the design of our transportation system can be inclusive of all forms of transportation.

Voters Service:
      a. Continue to advocate for open access to registration and voting.
      b. Monitor new legislation on voter registration and voter ID.

Natural Resources:
      a. Study water quality in the Monongahela River including Morgantown Utility Board and Department of Natural Resources testing and their relation to Marcellus Shale gas extraction processes and coal mining.
      b. Study current state regulation of Marcellus Shale gas extraction. Work with legislators to amend the Marcellus legislation with regard to those issues that still need regulation.
      c. Study current municipal and county ordinances related to extractive industries. Work with local officials to ensure that the strongest ordinances possible are promulgated to protect the health and safety of citizens.
      d. Monitor Source Water Protection Program (SWPP).
      e. Strategize and act to promote an efficient county solid waste recycling program.

Social Justice:
      a. Continue our collaboration with the Community Coalition for Social Justice (CCSJ).
      b. Continue our collaboration with Our Children, Our Future (OCOF).

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