November 17 meeting. Topic- New Expeditionary Learning School in Cabell County

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Wood County Voter November 2014

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Last Call at the Oasis documentary movie

Last Call at the Oasis: The Global Water Crisis and Where We Go from Here.

This documentary describes the crucial role that water plays in everyone’s life, how it has been abused and misused, and what happens in communities when there isn’t enough of it. The film features Erin Brockovich and respected water experts. It proposes ways that disaster can be averted if we address the problems now.

Monday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m.

Movie starts at 6:45 p.m.

Parkersburg/Wood County Library,Summers Auditorium

The public is welcome

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Voting Primer for Election Day 2014

League of Women Voters of West Virginia’s website provides the resources you need for Election Day 2014, Tuesday, November 4!
On the right hand side of our website under the “Election Info” links, click on Find Your Polling Place and enter you name and birth date to find your County/Precinct and Polling Location.
Next visit 2014 General Ballot, click on your respective County, and then download the sample ballot for your Precinct.  This ballot looks exactly the same as the one you will be using at your Polling Place.
Review The West Virginia Voter’s Bill of Rights.   If for some reason your voter’s right to request a ballot has been challenged by the poll clerk, reasons for this may include:
  • If the voter’s registration record is not available at the time of the election.
  • If the signature written by the person in the poll book does not correspond with the signature on the registration record.
  • If the registration record indicates any other legal disqualifications
you are permitted to vote using a Provisional Ballot, and you have the legal right under WV Code §3-1-41 to check the status of your Provisional Ballot at the Provisional Ballot Tracking page.
Finally, you will want to watch Election Result Center late into the night!

Voting Rights Theater in Huntington

Picture of a LWV Huntington woman, re-enacting the Suffragist movement. The League provides a readers theater on the progress and regress of voting rights in the U.S.



Watch LWVMM Forums on Channel 3 – Saturday the 25th


Early voting began on October 22, 2014. If you wish to become more familiar with your candidate choices, you can view videos of the candidate forums held by the League of Women Voters for State Senate candidates for Districts 2 and 13, and County Commission candidates at  The forum will also be broadcast on Comcast channel 3, at 10 am on Saturday, October 25.

The West Virginia Voter’s Bill of Rights

Know Your Voting Rights

  1. Vote in a scheduled election if you meet the following criteria:
    1. You are a U.S. citizen and West Virginia resident;
    2. You will be 18 years old by the time of the general or special election;
    3. You are not currently serving a sentence, on probation or on parole for a felony conviction, bribery in an election or treason;
    4. You have not been determined to be mentally incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction unless this determination is no longer in effect;
    5. You live within the precinct where the election is being held;
    6. You are registered to vote in the county at least 21 days before the election.
  2. Cast your ballot in a non-disruptive atmosphere free of interference.
  3. Vote if you are in line by 7:30 pm on Election Day.
  4. Request assistance in voting, if needed.
  5. Protect the secrecy of your ballot.
  6. Receive a new ballot if you make a mistake or change your mind before you cast your ballot.
  7. Have your ballot counted fairly and accurately.
  8. Request, receive and vote a provisional ballot if there is any question about your eligibility to vote and find out whether your vote was counted.
  9. Have complaints about elections and election contests resolved fairly, accurately, and efficiently.
  10. Have non-discriminatory, equal access to the voting process.
  11. Choose not to vote in an election. You will not be penalized.
  12. Skip races on your ballot. You are not required to vote in every contest. Blank sections on your ballot will not affect any of the other votes you have cast.
 If You Believe Your Voting Rights Have Been Violated, Please Contact:

West Virginia Secretary of State
1-304-558-6000 or 1-866-767-8683
Building 1, Suite 157-K
1900 Kanawha Blvd, E
Charleston, WV 25305

Provided by the Secretary of State’s Website.


Video – US Senate Debate

Published on Oct 17, 2014
Ashton Marra hosted WV Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, Mountain Party candidate Bob Henry Baber, Libertarian Party candidate John S. Buckley and the Constitution Party candidate Phil Hudok in a debate of the issues facing West Virginians. All the candidates are vying for the seat that will be vacated by Senator Rockefeller. The debate was recorded at the West Virginia Public Broadcasting studios in Charleston.

Friday – WV PBS will host US Senate Debate with all candidates

West Virginia PBS will host a debate for all five US Senate Candidates. The debate will be recorded and played back Friday evening, 7-8pm on West Virginia PBS, West Virginia Public Radio, and  Additionally, questions may be submitted online for the candidates until the morning of Thursday, October 16.

Video – State Senate District 2 and 13 at 2014 General Election Candidate Forum

Video produced by West TV at the Oct. 9, 2014 Candidate Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters Morgantown-Monongalia.