Meet the Candidate events

Meet the Candidates Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Williamstown Woman’s Club clubhouse in Tomlinson Park, 112 W. 7th St., Williamstown WV. Candidates for WV Legislature, Wood County Commission, Wood County Clerk. Co-sponsored by the LWV of Wood County and the Williamstown Woman’s Club

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Vienna Senior Center, 706 29th Street, Vienna WV Candidates to fill the vacancy on Vienna City Council Co-sponsored by LWV of Wood County, Vienna Senior Citizens, AARP of the Mid-Ohio Valley

Wood County Voter September 2014

LWV Wood County consensus meeting on Library Funding September 22, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at Vienna Public Library. See details in September Voter.

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Huntington’s September 2014 bulletin

The Huntington League invites the public to a meeting on Funding Libraries in WV.

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September 2014 Morgantown Newsletter

September 17 Fall Meeting – Library Consensus

We have the good fortune this fall to participate in the State Study on Public Funding of Libraries in West Virginia on Wednesday, September 17. We will gather for refreshments at 7:00 p.m. at the Suncrest United Methodist Church, lower level classroom, for refreshments and time to catch up with one another after our summer break. But we will then quickly begin our important task, with presentations from the Library Study Committee members who have been reading the study materials in detail. The consensus itself follows the questions developed by the State League.

We hope that in studying this issue we can reach a position to enable us to lobby the Legislature as it develops its legislation on library funding. Only members of the League can participate in the consensus itself, but guests are welcome to come and socialize, and listen to the presentations. Study and consensus are at the core of the League decision making process, and we encourage every member to make an effort to attend. Consensus meetings are lively and never boring! Parking is plentiful at the church (479 Van Voorhis Road), and there is an elevator to the lower level.

If you would like background information on the study, the West Virginia LWV has recently published a new 9-page booklet, titled: “A Study of Public Library Financing in West Virginia.”  The booklet offers an explanation of the current laws and rules which govern the funding of the state’s 97 public library systems.

Annual Meeting May 2014

The Annual Meeting began for League Members and the many guests with refreshments provided by League Members. President Jonathan Rosenbaum began the meeting by introducing the new “Democracy in Action” Awards. Jonathan introduced the first award, to Christiaan Abildso, for his citizen work efforts for public safety, and presented a framed certificate. Kitty Lozier introduced the second award, which went to the Dominion Post for their efforts over many years in voter information. Randy Vealey, Opinion Page Editor, received the award for the newspaper. Lyndell Millecchia introduced the third award, to League member Nancy Treat, for long work in voter’s service and in planning and zoning.

Linda Yoder introduced the speaker of the evening, playwright, journalist, and columnist Sean O’Leary of Harper’s Ferry. Sean addressed the audience on the topic “Words Unhinged from Facts: The Decline of Public Discourse in West Virginia.” He fielded many questions during his stimulating presentation. The video of his speech is now online for viewing. After a break for more refreshments, the business meeting was held, with adoption of the budget and program for 2014-15, and election of new board members.

Board Members for 2014-2015

At the annual meeting the following board members were elected:

2nd Vice President:  Catherine Lozier
Secretary:  Linda Yoder
Treasurer:  Joseph Marshall
Director:  Marlene Frich
Director:  Nancy Treat
Director:  Cathy Prody
Director:  Penny Thomas
Nominating Comm: Kelly Palmer, Don Spencer, & Fran Nelson

Continuing Board Members (elected in 2013) are Jonathan Rosenbaum, President; Gloria Sofranko, 1st Vice President; Kelly Palmer, Director; and Shirley Rosenbaum, Director.  Lyndell Millecchia was appointed as a Director.

Voters Service Committee

If you would like to help with the Candidate Forums to be held in October, please contact Voters Service chair Catherine Lozier at or call her at 304-599-8233.

Shirley Rosenbaum and Lyndell Millecchia ready to register voters at our table. - July 4, 2014

A great day to register voters! - July 4, 2014

On Tuesday, September 23, the local League will have an information table at the Farmers Market in Westover from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. We will inform people about the League and in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, we will have voter registration forms available. Contact Board member Shirley Rosenbaum  or call her at 304-599-2370 if you would like to help.

League Members in the News

Jonathan Rosenbaum accepting Award.

Congratulations to Positive Spin for receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Celebration of America on July 4. Jonathan Rosenbaum, president of Positive Spin, accepted the award on behalf of Positive Spin.

Natural Resources 

The League has a strong public policy position supporting energy-efficiency. 

Recently Downstream Strategies released the results of their Green House Gas Inventory study, and as a result they have developed the Morgantown Residential Energy Consumption and Efficiency Survey to help identify and quantify specific energy efficiency needs and improvement opportunities across different Morgantown neighborhoods. Ultimately, their aim is to promote the most cost-effective energy efficiency programs and increase awareness of cost-saving energy consumption and efficiency practices.

Please participate with their survey at , and spread the word to other people you know living within Morgantown City limits.

Guide to Government Officials

The updated League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia Guide to Government Officials, July 2014 is now available online.

If you haven’t paid your dues for 2014, or would like to join the League…

Usually members pay dues at the Annual Meeting in the spring or the Membership Meeting in the fall. However, if you pay your dues anytime in 2014, you will be a member through 2015. Final deadline is the end of December. Dues are $44 for an individual and $66 for a household.Checks should be made to LWV Morgantown-Mon County and mailed to our new treasurer:

Joseph Marshall
194 McCormick Road
Morgantown, WV 26508 

You can also pay with your credit card at or you may send money from your PayPal account to

We will be having two Candidate Forums in October – Details will be in our next Newsletter!

LWVMM Newsletter September 2014

West Virginia League Update, September, 2014


    West Virginia Update

September, 2014



  • Library funding in Kanawha County and yours – consensus due Oct. 15.
  • Candidate Questionnaire coming soon in the WV Voter.
  • Women’s Equality Day anniversary celebrated.
  • Conni Lewis reports on National Convention.
  • New National League consensus on agriculture is announced.
  • Turning Point Suffragist Memorial seeks donations. 


Background: Three times the Kanawha County Board of Education sued to have the Kanawha Public Library monies that were appropriated by the legislature returned to the Board. The Supreme Court ruled in the Board’s favor this last time (2013).  The decision resulted in a loss of about 40% of the library’s total operating budget.  Several other counties in West Virginia which had similar legislative mandates, made the decision to continue funding their libraries. Kanawha County did not.

The Kanawha Library system could not effectively function without this money.  The County Board of Education placed a levy on the ballot for the May 2014 primary, but they included added a large amount of dollars for improvements in the school system.  This levy failed.  The Board of Ed has agreed to put the issue to the public once again in the November 4 general election, this time with a much lower dollar amount, and with the total going to operate the library system. 



The WV League of Women Voters is finishing up its study on Public Library Financing in WV, and you can participate.  You should have received the league’s study material, either via email or through your local league.  (To have it emailed to you, contact  Local leagues in Huntington, Jefferson County, Morgantown and Wood County will hold meetings this month to discuss the background material and answer the questions together.  Members-at-large may participate by filling out the questionnaire and returning it by October 15 to Carolyn Watson, 131 Starlight Lane, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425.   Please clearly identify yourself in order to be counted as a league member.  


All statewide candidates have been asked questions by the league, and their answers will appear in the WV Voter, your state league newsletter, and will be posted to the WV League website about October 15.  The candidates covered will be the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, and also five additional parties appearing on the state ballot.  The US Senate and House races will include the Libertarian, Independent, Constitution and Mountain parties.   The WV Senate and House of Delegates races will include the American Freedom Party, Constitution Party, Independent, Libertarian, Mountain Party.  However, not every party will be represented in every county.  You may see the complete list on the Secretary of State’s website,, with local races found at your County Clerk’s office.  There are no state Constitutional Officers or Supreme Court races on the ballot in 2014.


Recently the League of Women Voters marked Women’s Equality Day, the 94th anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. The Huntington League celebrated the occasion with its work to engage and empower all voters.  League members are committed to making sure voters have the information they need to participate in elections and ensure their votes count. The Huntington League cooperated with the Herald-Dispatch to produce an election guide; they are sponsoring candidates meetings, and they register citizens to vote.  Other leagues in West Virginia are similarly active at for the November election. 


West Virginia League member Conni Lewis (Charleston) attended the Convention in Dallas in June.  She served as a presenter for caucus called “Don’t Drink the Water: Protect Your Water from Chemical Spills” sponsored by an Illinois league.  She drew from her experiences as an affected resident during the January 2014 spill from a chemical storage tank into the Elk River.  Three hundred thousand residents of Charleston and nine counties were affected. The league caucus presented information about the spill and how we can reduce the risk of a similar spill.



The national league board has approved the new position on Federal Agriculture Policies, which was based on responses from 243 state and local Leagues.  The new Statement of Position reads, in part:

The League believes that government should provide financial support for agriculture that includes disaster assistance, crop insurance, need-based loans and incentives to adopt best management practices. Support should be extended to new production methods, such as organic, hydroponic, and urban practices, and to farms that supply local and regional markets.

Subsidized crop yield insurance should be linked to implementation of best management practices with the subsidy denied for marginal or environmentally sensitive land.  Government should limit the amount of the premium subsidy received by larger farms.

The League supports policies that increase competition in agricultural markets.  Antitrust laws should be enforced to ensure competitive agricultural markets. Alternative marketing systems such as regional hub markets, farmers’ markets and farmer cooperatives should be promoted.  Clean air and water regulations should apply to all animal and aquaculture production and processing facilities.   For further information, please see



A league in Virginia is spearheading an effort to build a memorial to the women who sacrificed so much in the days leading to the passage of the 19th Amendment.  In partnership with the association trying to raise funds to build this memorial, the league is are trying to raise awareness among members all over the country;  the imprisoned women were from all over the country as well.  They are also collecting suffrage effort stories from the states to be made available at the memorial. Many of the supporters had great-grandmothers in the forefront of the fight.  If you are interested in this project, please see the website



The WV League board of directors will meet in Bridgeport on November 8, 2014.  Any League member may attend.  If interested, please contact 

For additional information about events happening in the WV or National Leagues, please log on to

Nancy Novak, President

League of Women Voters of West Virginia




July 2014 Morgantown-Monongalia Guide to Government Officials


LWVMM Guide to Government Officials July 2014

Watch Sean O’Leary – Words Unhinged From Facts

Synopsis: Sean O’Leary speaks on a topic of current concern to the League: a serious decline of public discourse in West Virginia. “Words Unhinged from Facts: The Silly Things Our Leaders Say That We Believe”, he calls it, and offers many examples. He uses issues such as the fracking boom, the state budget deficit, the “war on coal,” and economic policies to show how leaders in West Virginia regularly make patently false assertions without being challenged or questioned by the media.

Filmed by Nancy Jamison with a tablet at the Morgantown-Monongalia Annual Meeting on May 14, 2014. Video clips were later transferred and then assembled with OpenShot by Jonathan Rosenbaum (720p/5mb or higher bitrate versions available by request).

August 14 – Jefferson County Local Library Funding Forum

This Forum is to give LWVJC local members an understanding of how the funding of local libraries is mirrored by the funding of all public libraries in the state. That way they will be even more prepared for the Member/Consensus meeting on Sept. 11th.


pdf iconLib Study Flyer Revised 2.pdf

WV Regional Policy Workshop & Community Training

This Tuesday the 22nd, Our Children, Our Future is holding trainings and workshops in Clarksburg. 

You can learn more at this link, and register at this link .

Additionally, there will be more workshops/trainings to choose from in Hurricane, WV on July 24, and Martinsburg, WV on July 29.

Workshops for the 22nd include:

◦       Worker-Owner Cooperative Businesses
◦       Parent Engagement & PTA
◦       Workplace Bullying
◦       Sustained Funding for Family Resource Networks & Centers
◦       Voluntary Employment Retirement Accounts
◦       In-Home Visiting Expansion
◦       Ramp It Up: SNAP & Local Fresh Food Access
◦       Solar Hollow: Logan Co. Solar Installation Pilot Project

Trainings include:

Learn how to take the next step from the June Try This! Conference in Wesleyan. You learned what community improvement programs are out there. Come learn more about how to implement them and how to make sure your local officials are a strong part of your team;

Learn how voter education and turnout are key to building the state we want to live in.

And learn about how to become a key member of a policy advocacy team – either from your home or at the Capitol during the legislative session in January. There are many ways to effectively advocate for the policies you most care about.

The League of Women Voters of West Virginia is an Our Children, Our Future partner. 


July 15 Public Forum – EPA’s New Carbon Limits and What They Mean for West Virginia

West Virginia at the Crossroads:
EPA’s New Carbon Limits and What They Mean for West Virginia

Free public education forum on Tuesday, July 15 at 7:00pm
Room G-102, WVU Engineering Science Building (East) 

Sponsored by the Monongahela Group of the WV Sierra Club, WVU Sierra Student Coalition, and League of Women Voters of Morgantown-Monongalia

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently took historic action to protect our climate by issuing the first-ever guidelines to reduce carbon dioxide pollution—the chief cause of climate change—from electric power plants.

Join us on Tuesday, July 15 at 7:00pm for an educational forum to update citizens about the new guidelines and what they mean for West Virginia. Professor James Van Nostrand of the WVU College of Law and Director of the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development, Mary Anne Hitt of Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, and Randy Francisco of Sierra Club’s Coal to Clean Energy Campaign in Pennsylvania will offer an overview and analysis of the proposed rules and discuss their importance to West Virginia. A Sierra Club representative will discuss actions people can take to voice their opinions, including a chance to attend an EPA public hearing on the proposed rule in Pittsburgh on July 31.

Event Location: Room G-102, Engineering Science Building (East), on West Virginia University’s Evansdale Campus, July 15th at 7:00pm.

Directions to G-102 Engineering Science Building from downtown Morgantown: from Beechurst Ave/Monongahela Blvd. turn right into the WVU Evansdale Campus (near the Creative Arts Center) onto Evansdale Drive, and pass the CAC which will be on your left.  Keep to your right until you get to the “Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources,” on the left. Enter through the main doors, walk straight through the lobby toward “Ground Floor Classrooms.” Room G-102 is straight ahead.

Online directions:

Parking: WVU Parking Lot 40 (in front of & across the street from the bldg.) usually has free parking after 5:00pm. The WVU Short Term Paid Parking Lot is located a couple hundred yards past the “Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering & Mineral Resources” building, on the right. Park free in the WVU Coliseum parking lot after 5:00pm.

Please come and join the discussion! 

Call 304-291-2609 for more information