Fall VOTER 2018

Inside read our President’s Report, about Amendments 1 and 2 to the Constitution on the 2018 November Ballot, about health care and natural resources and our first letter to the editor.

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Spring VOTER 2018

Check out the LWV WV perspective on the 2018 Legislative Session and get information about the upcoming Council meeting in the Spring issue of the VOTER.

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Fall VOTER 2017

This issue of the VOTER is loaded with timely and important information ranging from the new LWV WV president’s 3 point plan of action to the WV voter registration purge to the natural resource and environmental issues facing West Virginia.

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Spring VOTER 2017

Inside you’ll find our 2017 legislative update.

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Fall VOTER 2016

See the latest information from the League of Women Voters of West Virginia.

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Spring VOTER 2016

Check out our latest newsletter with updates on the West Virginia Legislature’s 2016 session and information on our April 16 Council meeting.

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Fall VOTER 2015

Take our quiz on the 19th amendment, which opened the democratic process to 23 million women in 1920.

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See our summary of bills of interest from the 2015 Legislative Session in this spring issue of the VOTER.

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Check out our latest activities and 2014 election information.

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Inside. 2014 Legislative update and its impact on LWV WV priorities.

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