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March 2014 Morgantown Newsletter

March 11 Membership Meeting

Bring a friend!

Local Program Planning

At the Annual Meeting this May, our Proposed Local Program for 2014-2015 will be presented for approval. Our League is a grassroots organization where members and interested citizens may participate in planning. While non-members cannot participate in the consensus portion of program planning, they can be part of the meeting. This is why we encourage you to ask at least one individual you know to attend our Membership Meeting at Eat’n Park on March 11, 7-9pm, especially individuals interested in “hot” issues.

Program planning is a three-part process that is a core component of the League’s mission. It is composed of study on issues, consensus on what action to take, and advocating with one voice for that action. Our current programs include Local Government, Voters Service, Planning, Natural Resources, Transportation, and Social Justice. Programs are the foundation we build on to advocate for positive change. Arrive at 7pm, if you want to order a snack, dessert or meal. At 7:30pm, we will review existing studies for each program and open the floor for desired additions/changes and new programs that citizens would be interested in. It is that simple!

Remember, even if you cannot attend the meeting on the 11th, or if it is canceled due to the weather, you may still submit recommendations to until the 17th, or attend the board meeting on that same date at the Morgantown Public Library, 6-8pm when the Board considers the recommendations of all members.

League program planning occurs on the national, regional, state, and local levels. Local Leagues, like ours, can play a direct role in developing these programs on all these levels. The positions that result from these programs include LWVUS’s Impact on Issues, LWVWV’s League Issues in West Virginia and LWVMM’s Consensus Positions. They can be found at these links:

LWVMM: (2013-14 Local Program)



Members of the Natural Resources committee have been working with the group to publicize the possible placing of an injection well for fracking waste water near Deckers Creek. Energy Corporation of America (ECA) is currently determining the feasibility of a site outside Masontown, 500 ft from the rail trail and Deckers Creek.

The League helped with a petition gathering effort in Masontown, WV early in February where many Masontown citizens (including the mayor of Masontown) registered their fears about spills and leakage of the toxic wastewater into the Deckers Creek and their underground water.

The League is also working with a planning committee of to bring a speaker to Morgantown to talk about the realities and dangers of fracking wastewater injection wells, and what has happened around the country where there are hundreds in place. There are already at least 70 injection wells in West Virginia. Our Board has registered its opposition with ECA on the placement of one near Deckers Creek.

The next meeting of is March 12, Wednesday, at 6:30 pm at the Isaak Walton League Clubhouse. All members of the League of Women Voters are welcome. Call Kitty Lozier, 304-599-8233 for directions or a ride. See the Website at for details about the organization.



The League is sponsoring a Board of Education Candidate Forum on April 23, Wednesday, at 7pm at the Village at Heritage Point. Candidates this year are incumbents Clarence Harvey, Central District; Michael Kelly, Western District; and Barbara Parsons Schauff, Central District. A new candidate, Robert Lynn Core, will also be on the ballot.

On May 13, the Board of Education contest will be a final election rather than a primary. The three candidates with the most votes will be on the Board of Education.

The League is also sponsoring a House of Delegates Candidate Forum. There are seven Democrats and seven Republicans running inthe primary. Five from each party will be elected to run in the fall. The forum will be April 16, Wednesday, 7-9pm, at the Rhododendron room in the Mountainlair.


The second workshop, What d’ ya know .. About Monongalia County Government was well attended, and educational. You can now access all documents and presentations from the complete series at

Lyn Widmyer

Ora Ash

Slide: 5 member commission

John Sofranko

.. And we had an exciting Legislators Forum – Dec. 2! 

Also in this issue, check out the Calendar for important dates.   Annual Meeting is being planned for May 14, 1 day after Election Day!

LWVMM Newsletter March 2014


November 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

What D’ya Know … About County Government?

Our second Workshop on Local Government will be held Wednesday, November 6, 7-9 p.m. at the new Sheriff’s Building on the corner of Walnut and University Avenue, Room 222. (Parking is available in the parking garage on University Avenue; enter the building on Walnut Street). The first workshop last March on City Government was very well attended and sparked considerable discussion. We anticipate an even greater response to this workshop on County issues. Please make this a priority on your calendar! We need a full turnout of our members, and hope to have a good turnout from the public as well. 

Workshop Program 

What d’ ya know?” – A distribution of a multiple choice “pre-test” which people can take while others are arriving, perhaps take home, and then correct themselves

Welcome and Orientation to evening
– Lyndell Millecchia

Grab a “stool” and let’s talk together about how things operate around here!” A session on the components of Monongalia County Government, some related questions and issues
– Don Spencer and Kitty Lozier

Three Issues – A Panel Presentation

Practical Experience on a Five Member County Commission”  
- Lyn Widmyer, County Commissioner from Jefferson County

County Finance and Budgeting in Monongalia County”
– Ora Ash, Head of Local Governmental Services Division, WV State Auditor’s Office

Accessibility and Transparency in Monongalia County Government”
– John Sofranko, League member

Evaluation and Adjournment of Meeting



Purpose of 2013 Workshops on Local Government: To give League members and other interested persons an opportunity to update their awareness of the operations of our local government, prepare for candidates forums, and consider pertinent current issues relating to both City and County government. Part I (City Government) was held in March and Part II (County Government) will be November 6.

Goal: To increase informed and active participation in local government.

 If you are able to help with this workshop (handing out information, providing refreshments, or signing in participants), please contact Lyndell Millecchia at 599-0904 or Shirley Rosenbaum at 599-2370.


MEMBERSHIP MEETING – Library funding

At our Membership Meeting on October 16 we chose the subject of Library Funding because the League on a state level has embarked on a study of WV Library Funding. Our Local League consensus position from October, 1990 includes the statement that “the County Commission should provide more funding for library services; the city should not necessarily be the primary local funding body, as is now the case.” Twenty-three years later, we learn that the situation has not changed; instead we heard from Morgantown Public Library Director Sharon Turner that the city is still critical when it comes to funding and to “Please let the County Commission know how important the library is.” Currently, 45% of funding comes from the city, and only 18% comes from the county. While our county is the third richest in the state, we are at the bottom 20% in terms of funding from the county, and at the bottom 20% for all funding sources, and this is in a state where library funding ranks 48th in total operating revenue per capita and 49th in local operating revenue per capita. But the story only gets worse because there were reductions in funding this year. Like reading a good detective novel borrowed from a public library, it was hard to leave this meeting without pondering what our consensus positions may be for our upcoming study.

 For more information about library funding, please visit the WV Library Commission for a A Brief History of Public Libraries in West Virginia at and the August 2013 Public Library Funding Review at 

League Table at Farmer’s Market

Shirley Rosenbaum Registers a Voter 

On September 28, Gloria Sofranko set up a table at the Farmer’s Market with information about our league and forms for registering voters. There were many visitors to the table. Thanks to all members who helped with this effort!


The Friends of Deckers Creek are organizing a community-based action group to oppose the installation of a wastewater storage injection well for the liquid waste from hydraulic fracking.  The well, proposed by Energy Corporation of America, would be 500 feet from Deckers Creek and the rail-trail head near Masontown.

An organizing meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 30, at 6:30 pm at the FODC office in Sabraton, 1451 Earl Core Rd, Suite #4, behind the US Cellular Store. Please attend if you are interested.  Contact Kitty Lozier, 304-599-8233 for a ride or information.

LWV Newsletter November 2013

September-October 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

Farmers Market Table September 28

On Saturday, September 28, the local League will have an information table at the Farmers Market in downtown Morgantown from 8:30-12. We will inform people about the League and, in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, we will have voter registration forms available. Contact Board member Gloria Sofranko at or call her at 703-389-1103 if you would like to help.

Membership Meeting: October 16

Our Fall Membership Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 16, 7-9 pm at the Aull Center (Historic Garlow House) 351 Spruce Street. We will have as our special guest Sharon Turner, Director of the Morgantown Public Library. She will be speaking on the funding of the library system. Since both the County Commission and City Council recently cut funding to the library, the issue is important locally. Other issues that may be covered are: changes in the library stemming from e-books and other technology advances, accommodating the homeless population, and promoting the library and its services.

At the State League Convention in May it was decided to have a State League study of funding for WV Public libraries. Earlier this year the State Supreme Court overturned a 1957 state law which required nine county school systems in West Virginia to turn over a portion of their budget to help fund their local public libraries.

 Information gathered at our membership meeting will help with the State study. We encourage members to come, bring a friend, enjoy refreshments and learn about our public library as well as the committees in our League which are available for members to join.

Meeting on County Government November 6

There will be a public meeting on County Government on November 6, 7-9 pm at the new Sheriff’s Department building on Beechurst Avenue. Topics may include: mission, budget and taxes, number of commissioners, zoning, meeting time of the commission, media coverage of meetings, collaboration with municipalities, and county boards and commissions. Don Spencer will create a quiz (with answers) to get us started. (Parking is available in the parking garage on Beechurst).

During our May Annual Meeting, one of our newest members, Bill Kawecki, suggested that we acquire the ability to receive credit cards at meetings since there is now technology that makes this easy for organizations.  This capability is now here!  Along with the ability to pay/donate online with your credit card or PayPal account at , you may now easily swipe your physical credit card at our meetings on a device known as PayPal Here!


The League has sent a letter to the Energy Corporation of America opposing a possible injection well for hydraulic fracturing waste water in Preston County. The company is exploring a site 500 feet from the entrance to the Deckers Creek trail outside of Masontown, WV. The Friends of Deckers Creek are publicizing information on the dangers to Deckers Creek if such a well were allowed at that site.

Go to the League website for information from FODC, as well as our letter from the League Board. We encourage you to write your own letter to the company if you are so moved.


 The 2013 Guide for local city, county, state, and federal officials was completed in July this year, and is available online for the first time, at our LWVWV website . Guides will also be on hand at the Membership meeting – be sure to pick up a copy.

Also in this edition, Report on the Annual Meeting, our newest members, how to become a League Member, and Newsletter Editor wanted.

LWV Newsletter September-October 2013

April-May 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

Annual Meeting: Evening Dessert and Special Speaker

Our Annual Meeting this year will begin with an evening dessert and special speaker, followed by the business meeting. We have reserved the lodge at Dorsey’s Knob for the event, which will begin May 15 at 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcome! 

Jim Hunt

Our special speaker will be James C. Hunt, who was one of the speakers at our recent Local Government workshop/forum in March. His topic, “From Great to Amazing” will cover how cities deal with growth, revitalization and challenges.  (It is also the title of his new book which will be coming out at the end of the year.) We hope all of you will invite friends to what should be a very stimulating talk. We will ask attendees for a suggested contribution of $5 to help pay for expenses. If you have a special dessert you would like to bring (such as rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit or meringues), please call Shirley Rosenbaum at 599-2370.

The dessert and presentation will be followed by our annual business meeting with election of board members, adoption of the budget, and consideration of program items for 2013-2014. The budget and proposed program are in this newsletter. 

Local League Successes

 We had a very stimulating Local Government Committee meeting at the Aull Center in March, with about 40 people attending. Almost 100 people came to our City Council Candidate Forum in April. We appreciate everyone who contributed time and effort in organizing these events, as well as those who brought the delicious refreshments.

We have received a letter from the President of the LWV-US, congratulating our league for increasing its membership by 40% in 2012. We grew from 40 to 56 members! Many thanks to our Membership Chair, Shirley Rosenbaum, and all those who helped!

Complete Streets Bill Approved

League Transportation Committee Chair, Jonathan Rosenbaum, is delighted to announce that the Complete Streets Act (SB158) was approved by the Governor on April 19!   We thank Senator Bob Beach of Monongalia County for being the lead sponsor of the bill.

Annual Meeting Schedule

6:00-6:30 Set up desserts; gathering, pay dues

6:30-7:00 Enjoy sampling desserts

7:00-8:00 Jim Hunt talk and Q&A period

8:00-9:00 Business meeting

Business Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Adoption of Budget
Nominating Committee Report
Election of Officers and Board Members
Discussion and adoption of Program for 2013-14 (below)

LWV Morgantown-Monongalia County
Proposed 2013-2014 Local Program

1. Local Government:
Study of County Government, including:
a. Laws concerning the number of County Commissioners, their responsibilities and authority.
b. Taxation, revenues and budget disbursements.

2. Planning: Action to promote orderly development in Monongalia County and monitor the work of the Monongalia County Planning Commission.

3. Transportation:
a. Monitor and take action where needed with regard to improving traffic conditions, including pedestrian and cyclist safety.
b. Monitor the implementation of the Complete Streets legislation so that the design of our transportation system can be inclusive of all forms of transportation.

4. Voters Service: Continue to advocate for open access to registration and voting.

5. Natural Resources:
a. Study water quality in the Monongahela River including Morgantown Utility Board and Department of Natural Resources testing and their relation to Marcellus Shale gas extraction processes and coal mining.
b. Study current state regulation of Marcellus Shale gas extraction. Work with legislators to amend the Marcellus legislation with regard to those issues that still need regulation.
c. Study current municipal and county ordinances related to extractive industries. Work with local officials to ensure that the strongest ordinances possible are promulgated to protect the health and safety of citizens.

6. Social Justice: Explore “Jobs with Justice” principles.

Consensus Positions

Local Government
The LWVMMC favors the adoption and implementation of comprehensive plans for Morgantown and Monongalia County: meaning a comprehensive plan or any of its parts such as a comprehensive plan of land use, or thoroughfares; of water and sanitation; or recreation and other related matters; and including such ordinances as may be deemed necessary to implement such complete comprehensive plans or parts thereof, with provision for such regulations as deemed necessary. (September, 1969; reworded November 1973)

Land Use (Natural Resources):
Support the implementation of planning in Morgantown and Monongalia County.

Also in this edition, proposed budget, special request from the Dominion Post, our newest members and how to become a League Member.

Mark your Calendars!

May 15 Annual Meeting at Dorsey’s Knob!

Morgantown-Monongalia Newsletter April-May 2013

February-March 2013 Morgantown Newsletter

What D’ya Know … About City Government?

Our March meeting for members and the public will focus on what you always wanted to know about local government – what’s happening now, and what may change in the future. The meeting will be held at the Aull Center (Garlow House), next door to the Morgantown Public Library on Spruce Street, from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13. There will be speakers introducing issues and responding to questions related to “City Manager/Council Form of Government”, “A Downtown for All”, and “Home Rule”. Morgantown residents and everyone in the Morgantown area will find this forum helpful in increasing their awareness of the operations of our local government, and hopefully will lead to increased participation of citizens at local levels of government. The forum will be followed by refreshments.

City Council Candidate Forum

There are 13 Candidates running for the seven seats on Morgantown City Council. Each council candidate has gathered at least 75 signatures from his or her ward, but will be elected “at large”; that is, everyone in the city votes for all candidates, one per ward. The City Charter determined that this system would ensure ward representation, but each councilperson would be responsible to the city as a whole. In the upcoming election on April 30, there are two wards that have only one candidate; four have two candidates; and one has three candidates. In order to decide which candidates will best represent you, please plan to attend our candidate forum on Wednesday, April 17, at Suncrest United Methodist Church, 7-9 p.m. The question and answer period will be followed by refreshments and informal discussion.

City Council Candidates

The following are candidates for Morgantown City Council, to be elected April 30, 2013. Incumbents are listed in bold font. There is no incumbent in the 6th Ward.

1st Ward: Ron Bane
2nd Ward: Bill Kawecki, Jim Manilla
3rd Ward: Wes Nugent
4th Ward: Bill Graham, Jenny Selin
5th Ward: Mark Furfari, Marti Shamberger
6th Ward: Mike Fike, Lisa Mardis, Jay Redmond
7th Ward: Nancy Ganz, Linda Herbst

Action Alerts

Contact the Governor to include Medicaid Expansion in WV’s Affordable Care Act reform!!
Our Board would like you to be part of a calling/mailing/e-mailing outreach to Governor Tomblin and our legislators encouraging them to ACCEPT MEDICAID EXPANSION AS PART OF THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IN WEST VIRGINIA.

Medicaid expansion means putting 125,000-130,000 more WV low income people on Medicaid as their way of having health insurance under the ACA. If a family or individual earns 133% of the poverty level, or less, they may qualify.

Find excellent talking points and contact information at !

Lobby as a Citizen for Strong Shale Gas Rules and Legislation! Free support!
The WV Legislature 2013 Regular Session is open.  Please remind your representatives that we have not forgotten that the Horizontal Well Act still has many problems, and needs to be strengthened.

For many of us, Charleston is far away, but that should not deter us from contacting our representatives by phone, mail, or email.

Please visit to find out how you can contact your representatives, or become a citizen lobbyist in Charleston!

Also in this edition, learn about our leadership changes, read about Renate Pore’s AHA presentation, how two League Members attend the Largest Environmental Gathering in History, and how to become a League Member.

Mark your Calendars!

March 13 and April 17 League Events!

LWV Newsletter February-March 2013

November-December 2012 Morgantown Newsletter

Watch for these events, more details below:  County Commission Study (Nov. 13), Comprehensive Planning (Nov. 14), Natural Resources Committee (Nov. 19), Renate Pore – Affordable Care Act (Dec. 5).


Our December meeting will feature a presentation by Renate Pore on “The Affordable Care Act: Implications for West Virginia”. Renate Pore is the Health Policy Director with the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. Dr. Pore has more than 30 years’ experience in health administration and policy. She helped to create and establish the Center and currently serves as a policy analyst on health care and early childhood issues. She has worked in public health, administered a rural health center, and served two West Virginia governors as director of the Governor’s Health Care Reform Commission and the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families. Members of AAUW and the public have also been invited to this special discussion, which will be held at The Village at Heritage Point on Wednesday, December 5, 7:00 p.m.

County Commission Study

Many years ago our local League prepared a “Know Your County” booklet. Members became very familiar with the County Commission, and learned about the responsibilities and authority of the commissioners. That was 1981. Not a lot has changed in the laws governing the County Commission, but we felt a need to re-educate ourselves and become more familiar with the current county budget and the relationship between the city and the county in today’s climate of cooperation between the entities. There has also been recent interest in increasing the number of Commissioners from three to five. There are several pros and cons; we would like to come to a local League consensus on this issue. Our meeting on November 13 will begin the process with covering background information about the County Commission. Don Spencer will lead the discussion, which will be held in Lyndell Millecchia’s home at 476 Lawnview Drive. Call 599-0904 for further information.

Natural Resources Committee

This month’s Natural Resources Committee meeting is on Monday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Suncrest United Methodist Church, 479 Van Voorhis Road, lower level classroom. ( Several people living in the Cheat Lake area near the Mon Fayette Industrial Park will be speaking about how their lives have been impacted from noise and air pollution from at least 15 Marcellus Shale subsidiaries. Additional agenda items for discussion include a moratorium on new permits for Marcellus gas wells, the WV Future Fund, and Shark Fin soup. Contact Info: Jonathan Rosenbaum, 599-2370.

Comprehensive Planning

There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, November 14, 6-8 p.m. at the Mon County Courthouse (Courtroom 1, Third Floor). The Mon County Planning Commission has initiated the Monongalia County Comprehensive Plan for the four established Planning Districts in the central and eastern parts of the county.
The purpose of the study is to prepare an action plan to address Monongalia County’s existing and future planning needs. These needs may include land use, transportation, water & sewer, environmental protection, or many other categories.

Please come and share your desires for how our community grows! There will be an overview of the study recommendations and time to get your feedback. The information that the Planning Commission gathers through this meeting will be critical to confirming the direction of the comprehensive plan.  Visit PlanMonCounty and to view associated documents.

Also in this newsletter editionAffordable Care Act, The League in Action and in the News, Where to pay your dues or become a new member.


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LWV Newsletter November-December 2012

September 2012 Morgantown Newsletter

Membership Meeting – September 19th

Our Fall Membership Meeting will be held Wednesday, September 19, 7-9 p.m. at the Aull Center (Historic Garlow House) 351 Spruce Street. We will have as our special guest Natalie Tennant (WV Secretary of State) who will be addressing “Voter Issues in West Virginia”.

The LWV has always tried to lower barriers to participation in government. At our Annual Meeting in May, guest speaker Stephen Spaulding gave us many examples in which voters were disenfranchised because of restrictive voter requirements or illegal activities such as Robo-calling. Voter ID rules in other states can be cumbersome and intimidating. Are there any Voter ID issues in West Virginia, or instances of voter fraud? How can we combat misinformation that could discourage citizens from going to the polls? How can our League work to promote voter turnout in the upcoming elections?

Natalie Tennant will address these issues at our membership meeting on September 19th. As always, we encourage others to join the League. We have a new introductory membership fee just for this fall – individual $22, household $33 – good for one year. This is a great time to join the League – we will be holding two candidate forums in October, and are looking forward to several interesting discussion meetings for members in November and December.

Candidate Forums! – October 17 and 24

We will have two Candidate Forums in October. On October 17, all area candidates for House of Delegates (51st and 49th Districts) and WV Senate will be invited. On October 24, candidates for Assessor and for County Commission will participate. Both forums will be held at Suncrest United Methodist Church, 479 Van Voorhis Road, 7-9 p.m. – Catherine Lozier, Voters Service Chair

Natural Resources Report

On July 3, 2012, City Council unanimously approved zoning laws to regulate extractive industries within city limits.  Many of our recommendations made it into the zoning language to the credit of Natural Resource committee members who diligently worked on crafting them.  However, the zoning laws cannot regulate research purposes on WVU properties.   During the Legislative July Interim, the Dominion Post reported that “WVU wants to work with an operator to drill a horizontal well on WVU land. It would be a working well, generating money for the operator. But it would also be a research well, with every bit of data from the first turn of dirt through drilling and production and on being shared to advance knowledge in the field.”  Collaborating information can be found in the 2012 July Legislative Interim Report discussing the WVU Marcellus Shale Research Center also known as H.B. 4511. General Counsel of WVU, Bill Hutchens, points out that the only thing preventing a gas well was that “Investors for the project had to fold their support after gas prices fell.”   Hutchens, the drafter of H.B. 4511 was recorded in the Dominion Post describing this well as the “Dream Project”.  We will have to watch developments carefully because the decimating effects of a working well pad on what little remains of green space in Morgantown would be significant and tragic.

September 6:  State Energy Plan Hearings - This is a public hearing where you may comment on the state’s 5-year energy plan.  You may comment online, too:  See the Natural Resources category at

Water and Wellness Conference

A half-day conference on “Wellness and Water: Health Impacts of Fossil Fuel Extraction” will be held this Saturday, Sept. 8 at the First Presbyterian Church, Spruce Street.  The keynote speaker is chemist Wilma Subra, who appeared in the film “Gasland.”  The morning includes workshops and panels with gas drilling/fracking and MTRimpacted residents. Experts include Dr. Ben Stout, who was in “The Last Mountain” and “Burning the Future,” and Dr. Michael Hendryx, whose research focuses on the extreme human health impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining.

Registration begins at 8 a.m., with the keynote at 9 a.m. Closing reception is 1 p.m. A $10 donation is suggested.     Info: Robin Blakeman at or 304-522-0246. The conference is sponsored by OVEC, the W.Va. Chapter of the Sierra Club and the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.

The League in the News

Local League member Linda Yoder was a delegate to the LWV National Convention. She reported on her experiences in the LWVWV Voter.

Our League was highlighted in a front-page article in the Dominion Post on Sunday, September 2.

Also in this newsletter edition, Report on the Annual Meeting, Program 2012-2013.


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LWV Newsletter September 2012

April-May 2012 Morgantown Newsletter

Annual Meeting – May 5th

This is a special time of year for our Morgantown-Mon County LWV.  At our annual meeting on Saturday, May 5 we will elect officers and board members for the coming year, discuss and adopt our program items, and adopt a budget.  Before the business part of our meeting, however, we have a very special speaker: Stephen Spaulding, from Common Cause, will talk on “Voter Participation”. This is a topic of great interest to the League, and we look forward to his presentation!  

Agenda and Luncheon Menu Choices in Newsletter.  Call Fran Nelson to make reservation.

Candidate Forum – April 25!  Please Attend!

We will be sponsoring our second candidate forum of the year, April 25, 7-9 p.m. at Suncrest United Methodist Church on Van Voorhis Road for candidates running for Mon County Magistrate and County Commission. The candidates will be given time to introduce themselves, give their qualifications and reasons for running. There will be questions for the candidates from the audience, followed by refreshments and time to talk individually to the candidates. For information call Catherine Lozier at 304-599-8233.

LWVWV Guide for May 8th Primary Election

The League of Women Voters of West Virginia’s candidate questionnaire responses for the May 8 primary from candidates for congressional and statewide offices are now posted on the League’s website:  Become a knowledgeable voter, and make your vote count!


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My Story

Please submit your story about why you are a LWVWV member to Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Declaration of Commitment

Sign your Declaration of Commitment to the Constitution of the United States!


March 2012 Morgantown Newsletter

In this edition:

Candidate Forums – April 11 & 25!
  Please Attend!

The first forum will be held  April 11, 7-9 p.m. at Suncrest United Methodist Church on Van Voorhis Road, for candidates running for Monongalia County Assessor and the House of Delegates.
The second candidate forum will be held April 25, 7-9 p.m. at Suncrest United Methodist Church on Van Voorhis Road for candidates running for Mon County Magistrate and County Commission.


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My Story

Please submit your story about why you are a LWVWV member to Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Declaration of Commitment

Sign your Declaration of Commitment to the Constitution of the United States!

Natural Resources Report

On December 14, 2011, the Natural Gas Horizontal Well Control Act, H.B. 401 was passed.  While the bill is generally considered a watered-down version of the bill crafted in the special session, it does have some strong points.  Consider the “§22-6A-21 – Establishment of public website information and electronic notification registry regarding horizontal well permit applications” in which the DEP was required to set up the website within 90 days of passage of the bill.  Like clockwork, the Office of Oil and Gas fullfilled this requirement literally within less than 36 hours of the deadline on March 13 at the stroke of midnight. This is an exciting development for the public because we can now monitor new horizontal well permit applications via their OOG email list, and send in comments via a handy website interface.  We recently discovered a well permit application for public comment in the region of a Tier 3 stream; we alerted the people in the area and they are now taking action.  Actions can include submitting comments and requesting a public information meeting or a public hearing.  While the new system does not include the ability to download the actual  permit application, you can purchase a copy for $15.00.  If your water supply well lies within 1,500 feet of the center of the proposed well pad, you will automatically receive a copy.  Please become a watchdog!


On February 20th, we attended the Extractive Industry Workshop arranged by the Morgantown Planning Commission.  Since then we have been busy working on crafting recommendations to submit regarding the contemplated language for a possible new oil and gas extraction zoning ordinance.

pdf iconMarch-2012-newsletter.pdf

November-December 2011 Morgantown Newsletter

In this edition:

Legislator’s Forum – December 7th!

We encourage members and the public to come and learn about the activities of our legislators and their priorities. Anthony Barill, Charlene Marshall, Amanda Pasdon, Bob Beach, Roman Prezioso, and Barbara Fleischauer are expected to be in attendance. After a question answer period, we will have time to talk individually with them (also lots of goodies). See you there! 7:30 pm, at Suncrest United Methodist Church, 479 Van Voorhis Road.

Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting for the Morgantown LWV will be held Wednesday, January 4. We will meet at Panera’s at 5:30 p.m. to plan our Spring Calendar.

LWV National Study and Consensus Results: The Role of the Federal Government in Public Education

We had an excellent turnout for our Education Consensus on November 16th, and the informal format of enjoying Pizza/snacks while discussing the questions worked well. Everyone was intent on understanding the issues, and we were able to reach agreement on most of the 15 questions. We really appreciate Jonathan projecting the information and the questions on Power Point slides. Now it will be up to the National Board of the LWV to put together the responses from the Leagues all over the US, and come up with a Consensus that can be used to lobby Legislators when it comes time to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Natural Resources Report

Special session. Will it happen? Legislative aid of Tomblin said “I would bet all the money I have in my pocket that you’ll see a special session in a few weeks.” In the meantime sign this petition:

Coming soon to this website! An article about the November 22nd meeting with Heather Dingman, Principal Planner for Morgantown. She discussed how the City hopes to handle Shale Gas drilling now that the City cannot enforce the Horizontal Hydraulic drilling ban.

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